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Pedicures – me like the shiny!

Summer is practically here (though you’d never know it from all the rain we’ve been having), and that means it’s time to ditch the socks and break out the sandals.  I’m a big fan of pedicures because I will admit I’m completely vain and like having pretty toes to look at while getting my butt kicked at pilates class.  It’s also nice to pamper my feet since I walk everywhere.

I’ve been going for cheap pedicures at Pure nail salon (locations all over Vancouver).  Not only is it close to the gnome home, it’s big on the whole sanitation/cleanliness thing which makes the germaphobe in me very happy.  Now if only the weather would warm up so I can show the world my shiny toes!

Feet - mine; Nail polish - It's bouquet by me by OPI for Sephora

Hmm….wonder if I could make it as a professional foot model….I know – don’t quit my day job 🙂



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Squee – limited edition Paris citiz Nespresso

I know something should join Daisy & I in the gnome home if I get all swoony around it and I start talking to it like it’s an animate object.  As a result, we recently welcomed the limited edition Paris Citiz by Nespresso into our home.  What’s not to like – she is shiny, pays homage to Paris and makes espresso.  Basically she’s perfect!  

Paris Citiz – making friends with le Kitchen Aid

ummm.....espresso goodness....

My other Nespresso was sold to a good home where he is spreading joy and happiness to a lovely friend of mine while she finishes her thesis.  If only he could type…

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The prettiest wallet ever….

Those who know me well know that I favour pretty, girly items, especially those with a bit of whimsy.  I nearly squealed with joy when I came across this stunning beauty with her gorgeous colour and darling bow detail.  She whispered “achetez moi” into my ear and mentioned something about adorable ballet flats wanting to go home with us too.  Who doesn’t love a wallet with moxie!

Ferragamo pink bow wallet - squee!


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This post is not about my latest food splurge (goodness knows I’ve had many).  It’s about one of my other loves – shiny things! Darcy MacPhedran is the creative genius behind Splurge, a fantastic Etsy shop ( showcasing her stunning jewellery designs.  I’ve been fortunate to know Darcy since preschool and not only is she a creative, talented designer, she’s also a fantastic person.

I ordered a stunning blue pearl necklace and Darcy made me a pair of matching quirky, twisted earrings (to match my twisted personality!).  Beauty aside, the necklace features the most brilliant clasp I’ve ever seen – it’s a magnet!  Did I mention Darcy is also super smart??   Anyway, beautiful jewellery with intelligent design and it comes in the most adorable magnetic tin.  Check out her jewellery now – she’s featuring watermelon colours for spring – nommy!

Beautiful necklace and twisted earrings!

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