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Bun fundraiser!

Dear hoomins,

I ordered my hoomin to post this bun fundraiser poster.  Not all bunnies are as lucky as I am, despite the fact I feel utterly oppressed on a regular basis because my hoomin doesn’t pay attention to me 24 hours a day.  Help the unfortunate buns out.  Remember we are taking over the universe someday, so you would be wise to show a little kindness to your future bunny masters…..

Daisy bunny xoxo


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Our first anniversary in Vancouver

Exactly one year ago today, Daisy & I boarded a plane headed for our new life in Vancouver.  We left my stable job and a group of wonderful friends behind and headed into the unknown. I remember waking up after our first night in the gnome home crying, wondering what the hell I had done.  Then I looked out the window, saw the mountains and smiled.  It was Daisy & I against the world and we were going to succeed!

Giving up a life I had built for myself in exchange for the unknown was a scary thing to do, but I don’t regret my decision one bit.  We are blessed to live in a wonderful neighbourhood in Vancouver, full of beautiful trees, flowers and cute critters.  At my doorstep is a variety of restaurants and grocery stores. Our lives are pretty darn good, though I do miss my friends.

To my readers (aka my loyal cult following), please take risks with your life.  The worst thing that can happen is that you fail.  Failure makes you human.  Not failing either means you didn’t try anything or you’re a superhero of some sort and should go fight crime in your spare time 🙂  Life is an adventure, one that is full of success and failure.  The adventure I started a year ago will continue as I try to navigate my way through this thing called life and all the unknowns that are in store for me.

In the meantime, call your parents or kids, tell your dear friends how much you love them and remember that if a squirrel heckles you, you’re probably wearing a dodgy outfit!

I’ll be back with more recipes and other foodie stuff soon!

love Rachel & Daisy xoxo

Our gnome home with a view

Daisy half asleep in her rabbit resort, plotting total world domination...


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Happy Anniversary Daisy!

It was four years ago today that a sweet, doe-eyed baby bunny sat very still in the palm of my hand and chose me to be her hoomin.  I was definitely the April fool that day!  It’s been four years of indentured servitude to my bunny master but I wouldn’t trade one minute of it.  Happy Anniversary Daisy!  Now if only she hadn’t given me a repetitive strain injury from all the pets….

Groom me hoomin...or sleep with one eye open...


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