Portland – chocolate tour, cupcakes & brunchy goodness

Last weekend I went to Portland to live the dream of the 90s.

Okay I didn’t end up with a part time job as a barista, but I did have the chance to go to a few really excellent cafes, go on a chocolate tour and eat some tasty food. Did I also mention it was freaking hot there – try +40 celsius.

Here’s a round up of my weekend in food:

There are many cafes to try in Portland. A couple that I tried included Public Domain and Courier Coffee Roasters. Courier also serves canneles that they make inhouse 🙂 Stumptown had a huge line up when I went there, so I gave it a miss and will try to make it there on my next trip to Portland.


I only went to one cupcake place but I went there twice and decided it was a place I could definitely consider making my new home. Normally when I eat cupcakes I want to throw away the stumpage. However, Saint Cupcake makes tasty stumpage that I snorfed down. Plus they come in small sizes so you can sample a lot!


The chocolate tour is one of the many tours by Portland Walking Tours
On the tour, we had the opportunity to sample drinking chocolate, chocolate balsamic vinegar and chocolates from Moonstruck, Cacao, Leonidas and Teuscher. Luckily the walking allowed a little bit of calorie burning!




Brunchy goodness:
I had the most amazing brunch while I was on my way to Stumptown. The Francophile in me was sidetracked by Brasserie Montmartre and I naturally had to go in and stuff my pie hole. The meal started off with a complimentary croissant – plain or chocolate (duh – I chose chocolate!)

I asked my server what she recommended and she said eggs florentine. I was not disappointed. It was fantastic! Instead of using English muffins, croissants were used to hold the eggy, spinach goodness. The roasted potatoes that accompanied the dish were perfect. My only complaint is that my stomach could not hold all of it!




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4 responses to “Portland – chocolate tour, cupcakes & brunchy goodness

  1. That’s a lot of cream on them cupcakes! And those chocolate animals are sooo cute!

  2. Gumma

    Looks fantastic and the chocolate shops look like they gave Paris some good competition. Must plan a weekend with you there sometime.

    • Rach

      Of course Gumma! We’d have lots of fun down there :). Daisy is asking when Grandma Bunny is coming to see her. Demanding bunzilla!

  3. The chocolate mice and bunnies look great.

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