American Cheesesteak Co.

After our food cart crawl a few weeks back with fellow foodies Simon and Caroline, we decided to try the new American Cheesesteak Co. on Davie Street. Because who doesn’t want to balance off vegan street food with a healthy dose of tasty, fatty, salty goodness….

We tried the good earth, a vegetarian cheesesteak with mushrooms, roasted red peppers, onions and feta and the cowboy, with shaved prime rib, fried onions, spicy bbq sauce, mayo and white cheddar.  In addition, we tried the twice cooked fries with truffle aioli.

The good earth...with enough feta to feed a Greek island or two...

First off, the good earth….On paper you sounded tasty and almost healthy.  In reality, not so much.  The plethora of mushrooms turned the bun into a soggy, carby sponge.  I’m a big fan of feta cheese but not buckets of the stuff on a sandwich.  The result, was a very salty, soggy sandwich that unfortunately didn’t live up to its potential.  Mushrooms, I suggest you start running out of the kitchen and be free…free free!

The Cowboy was next…..and if you too would like to use Lipitor in the future, I suggest eating many of these on a regular basis and avoid exercise at all costs 🙂  The meat was nicely cooked, but there was a bbq sauce fiesta in my mouth when I took a bite.  It had potential, but could’ve used half the amount of sauce.

Bye bye mon cowboy....avec beaucoup bbq sauce!

Last but not least, the fries.  I mistakenly decided our tape worms could handle a basket of them.  I was wrong….Anyway, these fries were apparently cooked twice.  I didn’t really pay attention to how they were cooked and somehow my lone neuron was stuck on something regarding water.  Were they cooked in water??  Apparently not because boiled fries just sounds wrong on so many levels.  The fries were not the crispy goodness I was seeking.  I guess I really have to go to Belgium for that…They were more potatoey than crispy but they did serve one useful purpose:  truffle aioli delivery mechanism!  The truffle aioli was awesome and my favourite thing to eat 🙂

Truffle aioli...and their delivery mechanism 🙂

I would definitely recommend American Cheesesteak Co. if you want huge portions and you’re craving a lot of tasty fat and sodium.  There is definitely no place else like this in Vancouver!  I think this gal here will stick with sugar and caffeine as my vices, but I’m always on the look out for crispy fries to dip into mayo.  Belgium… prepared…and afraid….


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  1. Very creative writing! I went to Cheesesteak for the first time about a month ago with another Yelper and Iiked it a lot. But it was so busy at lunchtime. Also I don’t know if they still do it, but if you scan the QR code on the front and sign up for a newsletter they give you some random goodness. I ended up getting a free upgrade on size.

    P.S. I know food bloggers are always interested in knowing how their readers found them. I saw yours on If you’re interested in meeting other bloggers, your best bet is to hang out on Twitter. I’d be happy to tell you who. You can find me @vincentng

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