Bel Cafe

Recently I went for lunch at Bel Cafe – the new cafe in the Hotel Georgia in downtown Vancouver.  I had eaten sugary snacks there before and gone for hot chocolate and coffee.  However, this time I was determined to eat a proper meal and I was not disappointed.

I ordered the winter squash soup, while my fabulous friend ordered the roasted butternut squash sandwich.  I actually clapped when the adorable bespectacled server delivered this bowl of fabulous goodness.  The soup was rich, smooth and creamy, with a healthy dollop of what I believe was creme fraiche and a smattering of pumpkin seeds.  Happy food sounds came out of my mouth in between stuffing my pie hole with this stunning masterpiece.

Soupy goodness 🙂

My friend’s sandwich was a tasty melange of butternut squash, arugula, asian pear, brie and apple marmalade.  She was equally happy with her choice, as was I when I had a nibble 🙂

Butternut squash sandwich fabulosity!

After this experience at Bel Cafe, we couldn’t resist going back again with another friend.  This time we tried the soup and half sandwich combo and dessert!  I had the spiced pulled chicken chicken sandwich, a delicious blend of chicken, bibb lettuce, carmelized onion, harissa aioli and provolone that had just the right amount of heat to it.  The small bowl of winter squash soup was perhaps a bit too much food for my stomach to handle….tape worm must be on strike.

Thankfully my pal tapey made a comeback as I found room for dessert.  As part of the hot chocolate festival (which requires further investigation and reporting), Bel currently has a special hot chocolate with orange and cardamom,  together with a dark chocolate cookie.  The hot chocolate was like a high end liquid Terry’s chocolate orange, whereas the chocolate cookie was moist and rich.

Dark hot chocolate with orange and cardamom - nom!

However, my newest obsession is their lemon tart.  With just the right amount of sweetness and a perfect amount of tartness, this tart is absolute perfection 🙂  Ceci and I are already dreaming of more tarts in our future!

The object of my affection - lemon tart 🙂



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3 responses to “Bel Cafe

  1. Gumma

    Your latest gastronomic adventure leaves my mouth watering. Must try it the next time I am visiting. G.

  2. This is my go to cafe downtown. Have you tried the new Macaroon and Tea cafe at Coal Harbour yet? Let me know I want to try that out as well.

    • Rach

      Good choice Caroline! I haven’t tried the new macaron & tea place as yet. A friend said he bought some macarons and wasn’t too thrilled. I still want to try it at some point!

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