Loving Hut – a vegan food cart

On a dreary, wet Saturday I went with fellow food bloggers Simon and Caroline to check out the Loving Hut vegan food cart.  As part of my healthy eating resolution for 2012, I decided if it’s vegan, it must be healthy 🙂

Loving hut menu

We ordered two burgers:  the crispy chick’n burger and the BBQ onion ring cheese burger.  The crispy chick’n burger had a spicy apricot jalapeno relish that gave it quite the kick and was loaded with iceberg lettuce.  It’s not a dainty burger to eat, so be sure to get plenty of napkins!  I enjoyed the spice and the crispiness of the deep fried fake chicken patty, but I wasn’t so keen on the taste of the patty itself.

Crispy chick'n burger

My favourite was the BBQ onion ring cheese burger.  The texture and flavour of this burger was incredible and if I hadn’t known it was vegan, I never would’ve guessed.  The BBQ sauce was tangy, the vegan cheese rich and gooey and the onion rings delectable.

BBQ onion ring cheese burger goodness....

Burgers cost $8 each including tax and Loving Hut is open on Saturdays, unlike a lot of food carts in the city.  As an added bonus, the staff is incredibly sweet and put up with our need to take multiple photos of the burgers.  I only wish they weren’t located in front of the Yaletown Roundhouse so I could munch vegan goodness more often.

As an aside, I used my brand new Lumix X5 to take these photos.  I’m hoping with time and a few lessons, my food photos will be a lot better.   I’ve got a European vacation planned for this summer, so I must take good photos of Belgian frites to decorate my condo 🙂



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2 responses to “Loving Hut – a vegan food cart

  1. The onion ring burger was my favourite burger throughout the day. Just to let your readers know, It felt more of a burger food crawl. We had 5 different burgers within a span of 1.5 hours. One burger was 9″ long!

    • Rach

      Caroline, I definitely need to do a post about the rest of our burger crawl! I’m impressed by how much we were able to eat 🙂

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