Leisure – it’s a good thing!

Lately I’ve been pursuing leisure on the weekends like it’s going out of style.  Some may even call me a “slave to leisure”. Hmm….wonder if I should get a sweatshirt with that on it…nah, too tacky…

My pursuit of leisure usually involves trips to bakeries, spending large quantities of money on chocolate just to get a free gift card (cough…yesterday…), lounging in pyjamas with my best friend Toshiba and my personal favourite – naps.  Napping is a lot harder than it looks – trust me on that one.  Don’t even get me started on my issues with my mouth guard…sigh…

So what’s the point of a post about how fabulous leisure is, other than I have apparently decided it should be an art form….well, for one thing if you have the chance to sit still for a few minutes, it gives you a chance to slow down and live in the moment.  With how busy some of us are on a regular basis (apparently not me since I can lounge away my weekends), time is a luxury that cannot be bought.  It’s something we have to take for ourselves and appreciate….I know it’s easier said than done, in particular for those of you with spouses, houses and little ones.

On that note, there’s more stuff on Toshiba that I have to watch….and I think I need another nap 🙂

The weather is turning, so I’m thinking some soup posts in the future are in order…stay tuned…if I can tear myself away from my sofa!


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