Some kitchen essentials….

Dear readers (all 3 of you),

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I really took my Labour Day slothfulness seriously and it’s spilled over into the rest of the month.  I also fear I’m going to turn into a giant macaron….tasty tasty goodness…. However,  if I don’t get a handle on my addiction, I figure I’ll just invest in stretch pants and muu muus if things get too bad 🙂  If any of you see me doing my best Jabba the Hut impersonation at Thierry, just throw some snacks at me and be on your way…

Despite my macaron-intense diet, I still use my shiny kitchen and I’ve rounded up a few new items that I think are fantastic:

1. Peugeot pepper grinder

It’s fancy, sleek and tres Francais.  This is hands down the best pepper grinder I’ve ever owned and I love it!  If I was into salt, I’d buy the salt version too.

The perfect pepper grinder!

2. Bodum garlic keeper

It looks like a harmless little piece of plastic, but this clear garlic keeper really does an excellent job keeping garlic fresh.  Plus you can actually see how many cloves are left and talk to them about current events!  Someone really needs some more friends…I digress…

Simple, sleek and so good at keeping garlic happy!

3. Bodum containers

In case you haven’t noticed, I am rather fond of all the Bodum products on the market now.  I’m sure I’ll cave and get an adorable lime green toaster at some point just because it’s super squee.  For now I’ll happily enjoy the Bodum airtight containers I use to store items such as coffee and rice.  Stylish and practical – what more could I want.

Shiny, pretty and practical containers!


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