Labour Day – extreme slothfulness and snackage…

What better way to celebrate Labour Day weekend than pursuing slothfulness and excellent snacks.  It has also become a bit of a “European” staycation:  lots of MI-5 episodes, BBC and French baking makes it almost feel as if I’ve crossed the pond.  Okay a slight exaggeration but the important thing is I’ve discovered excellent macarons can be found in my neighbourhood courtesy of a new bakery/cafe called Thierry.

This weekend I consumed pistachio, caramel, raspberry, blackberry, chocolate, coffee and lemon macarons.  Now that I’ve listed them, it looks perhaps a tiny bit excessive….whatever, they’re made from egg whites so it’s like eating a bunch of delicious air….

Macarons from Thierry - pretty and tasty!

I also did a very unscientific comparison of pain au chocolat between Thierry and Boulangerie Chopain.  Sadly Chopain did not have any pain au chocolat left, so I bought a chocolate croissant instead.  Both were tasty, but Thierry’s was flakier and Chopain’s was more chewy.  The first day they were fine – the 2nd day required the microwave to soften up the Thierry pain au chocolat as it had hardened.  I’d say eat on the day you purchase for best taste and if you prefer chewier croissants, go with Chopain.

Pain au chocolat

I’ve also discovered really good but not almost free chocolate from Michel Cluizel.  It’s French, in keeping with the Euro nature of the weekend.  If you have about $9 burning a hole and your pocket, I highly recommend checking out the 45% grand lait or the 50% 1er Cru de Plantation Mangaro.

I must go watch some US Open Tennis to work off all these sugary snacks….Happy Labour Day and may you all embrace your inner sloth 🙂



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4 responses to “Labour Day – extreme slothfulness and snackage…

  1. Michele

    Egg whites are protein; therefore, macarons are an entree.

    You’re welcome.

  2. For a day of sloth, there was a lot of food-based shopping and “product analysis.” Should “work” always be that fun (and yummy) …

    • Rach

      It’s true – there was some work involved to get all of those snacks 🙂 However, it did satisfy my inner hunter/gathering instinct!

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