Family matters…..

Yes I think that’s the former show with that Urkel kid and no, that’s not what I’m writing about….Instead I’m writing about my family and why I guess they kinda, sorta matter to me.  I’m visiting family on the beautiful prairies right now and I must say it’s so good that I want to move back home. 

 I haven’t lived here since 1994 and after all those years of figuring out that housework is highly overrated and learning to cook things that don’t involve a microwave, I can say that I’m officially tired of looking after myself.  That and I’m not all that frightfully good at it.  I’m trying, perhaps in vain to convince my parents that Daisy and I should chuck our not so glamorous lives in Vancouver and move back in with them.  This would involve me self-actualizing to become the housepet I’ve always knew I could be.  I mean wouldn’t that Maslow chap be totally stoked if someone out there hit the self-actualization point?? 

There’s been talk about me having to pay for some utilities and have a job that somehow befits my educational background if I were to move back in.  My law degree is in Latin, so technically I could argue it isn’t a law degree at all, but a degree in leisure studies because I can’t read Latin and it could say anything….I’m really trying to bestow upon my parents the benefits of me doing some sort of volunteer work like saving the whales – because if whales end up on the Prairies, they obviously need lots of help.  I could Google map directions to the nearest body of water, give them some snacks and send them on their way.  What lost whale wouldn’t want that kind of help! 

Sadly Daisy has taken to making my parents’ home her own giant litterbox, so I’ll be lucky if we’re welcomed back for Thanksgiving.  Until then, if anyone would like to have Daisy & I as housepets, we’d be truly honoured.  Did I mention I like to nap a lot but I can also bake?? 

Stay tuned for more food shots and recipes when we’re back.  If any of you know my parents or are somewhat persuasive, drop them a line and plead our case.  We really are pathetic creatues in need of excessive pampering 🙂


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