Life lessons….

My blog is mostly about food – cooking it, eating it, traveling great distances to cook or eat it….Anyway, you get the idea.  However, I figured I’d also share some of my life lessons along the way.  Those of you who know me realize I’m probably the last person who should be giving advice to anyone.  Most days I look like I crawled out of a dumpster (sometimes a very chic European dumpster) and I’m just happy I remember where I live, where I work and to wear pants.  However, I think that my mistakes both in and out of the kitchen can be somewhat educational, if not humourous.  So feel free to laugh at or with me, whatever strikes your fancy 🙂

My life lesson today is that whole “grass isn’t always greener” adage.  Honestly I’m terrified of lawnmowers and lawnmower injuries, having seen an issue of the Medical Post on said topic in my father’s office years ago.  Perhaps I should use something non-lawnmower related like “stuff isn’t always better elsewhere”.  This obviously does not apply to war torn areas of the world or places suffering from famine, where things can’t get much worse because obviously these places would really, really suck to be in.  I’m talking about areas of the world minus these awful issues.

A few years ago, I was very much convinced during a transit strike in the middle of a cold Ontario winter that Vancouver had to be much better than where I was living and I had to move.  Almost 2 years ago I moved to Vancouver with no job to speak of and not really sure what I was doing.  I can’t say that I necessarily regret taking that chance, but it hasn’t been the seamless transition to a fabulous new life that I was hoping for.  In some ways, yes it has been better living here.  I’ve been fortunate to have a good job and a wonderful place to live.  Daisy has stopped peeing on things and seems to be less angry than usual.  No, she does not have rabies, but thanks for your concern.  The winters are not cold, I can walk to work and if I decide to take up skiing (in a parallel universe), there are places to ski.  However, the downside is that despite the mild weather, it is often grey and rainy here.  If Sylvia Plath were a weather system, she’d be living here.

It is also very hard to make friends here.  It isn’t exactly a friendly city.  Perhaps it’s the size…perhaps it’s the Sylvia Plath weather…who knows…..Being a quirky Muppet-like introvert doesn’t help matters much and no, I am not out on a day pass in case any of you are wondering and even if I was, there’s nothing wrong with that either…..It took time to make friends back East and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I make friends here.  Until then, I’ll continue to take cooking classes and do those weird Meetup things.

My point isn’t that I’m practically friendless and the weather sucks.  Rather that the grass isn’t always greener.  I mean technically it’s greener here because of all the rain…but that doesn’t necessarily mean that a change of scenery takes away all of life’s problems and casts a magic spell over your existence. Change is a good thing, so embrace it.  Just do not assume that it will fix all of life’s problems.  I think Paris does that 🙂  If only Daisy wasn’t worried about becoming a menu item, then we might have something…..




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5 responses to “Life lessons….

  1. Glad that you’re enjoying your trip back home but sorry to read about your challenges in Vancouver. Moving and starting over can be exciting or can be very difficult, sometimes a bit of both. I hope you make the decision that’s right for you (and Daisy, of course). On the plus side, I loved the writing, particularly describing the rain out there as “Sylvia Plath weather.” That one is going to stick with me.

    • Rach

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂 I have a feeling Daisy will make the decision when the time is right for her. Mind you, she ruined our chances to live with my parents by peeing on multiple carpets and marking the bedrooms with her “chocolate chips”. However, she made friends with their tea trolley and a large dog piggy bank. I swear I saw them plotting to overthrow the stoopid hoomins 🙂

  2. Hi there! I realize this is an old post, but this post kind of struck a chord with me. I just moved to Vancouver in June from Toronto and I’m still a bit homesick. Send me a note if you’d like to meet up — I’m always up for meeting new people here.

    • Rach

      Monica, thanks for your comment! You’re just a newbie to Vancouver – and I’m guessing experiencing the unique rainy winters that are unlike any I’ve seen in Canada. I completely understand being homesick. If you’re up for playing tourist in our new city, let me know. I’ll send you an email. There are plenty of good places to eat at too 🙂

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