Food highlights of my trip to San Francisco

It was fantastic to get out of Vancouver and go somewhere that the sun actually shines.  I only half jokingly tell people that I love Vancouver the most when I’m not actually there 🙂 I had a wonderful time in San Francisco, spending time with my beautiful cousin and uber stylish uncle and their wonderful friends.  I couldn’t have asked for better hosts or a better trip!

Here are some of the food highlights of my trip (stayed tuned for more in future posts).  I really should reconsider my stance on muu muus, especially with the amount I consumed…

1. Les sandwiches

I ate so many great lunches and they were far superior to the crappy salad I eat at my desk most days.  I’d have to say my top sandwich was the brie, turkey and cranberry baguette I ate at the Cocola Bakery at Santana Row in San Jose.  Nice blend of salty and sweet and the baguette was soft and luscious.

Baguette goodness - nom!

I also enjoyed a great turkey sandwich at Tartine and one at Rose’s Cafe, with the most divine brioche bread.

Sandwich from Rose's Cafe with the most nommy bread

2. Best coffee

The coffee I made in my hotel room qualifies as something to ensure I put pants on in the morning so as to not offend others.  I had to seek better coffee elsewhere.  The best coffee I had on my trip was at the Blue Bottle Cafe at the SFMoMA.  I had a lovely cappuccino and an interesting panna cotta with maple syrup.  The best part is that my cousin and I sat outside while enjoying our coffee.

Cappuccinos from Blue Bottle Cafe at the SF MoMA

3. Sweet treats

I don’t just have a sweet tooth, I have a whole mouth full of sweet teeth!  I was eating dessert like it was going out of style and putting my pancreas through quite the work out.  I sampled desserts from pretty much every place I went to.  I ate the most divine chocolate kulfi from a restaurant called All Spice and met the pastry chef genius.  If it hadn’t seemed weird, I probably would’ve given him a hug and thanked him from the bottom of my chocolate covered heart.

Chocolate kulfi from All Spice

At Tartine, I sampled possibly the best eclair I’ve ever eaten.  No, I did not buy all of them or try to marry them, but that’s not necessarily a bad idea….

Eclair from Tartine

At Rose’s Cafe I ate a fabulous lemon tart, followed by an afternoon of high tea at Neiman Marcus.  I don’t recommend eating so many sugary snacks in quick succession, but they were extremely nommy.

Lemon tart from Rose's Cafe

High tea, complete with pastries and tiny sandwiches at Neiman Marcus

Stay tuned for more of my posts about San Francisco! In a few weeks, Daisy & I will be visiting the family in Saskatchewan.  Keep your fingers crossed that we will see sunshine there and we will be eating lots of wonderful home cooking!  Gumma & Pudge, get the bbq ready for action….and the bale of hay ready for Daisy….


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