Just call him Pudge….

My dad earned the nickname Pudge due to his penchant for wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants around the house that make him look a whole lot rounder than he is.

Pudge was not exactly much of a cook when my brother & I were growing up.  I clearly remember the one time he made us spaghetti and meat sauce with egg and who knows what else thrown in for good measure.  He calls the microwave a “machine” and managed to turn his microwaved cheese sandwich into something resembling a door stop.  However, he more than makes up for his lack of cooking skills with his ability to BBQ with the best of them.  He is also one of the smartest, wisest, gentlest people I know and whenever I need advice, he always has the perfect story.  It is an honour and a privilege to be his daughter 🙂

Happy Father’s Day Pudge!  Thanks for always knowing the right thing to say when I’m trying to figure out this thing called life and for being so incredibly goofy 🙂  I figure I didn’t get this weird by accident!

To all the dads out there, including my super awesome brother, get yourself some good snacks and watch something mindless on tv to celebrate all the cool dad things you do 🙂

love Rachel xoxo

Me with Pudge


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