Happy 2nd Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe my blog has already hit the 2 year point.  What started out as chronicling my foodie adventures in Europe has turned into an exploration of my adventures in the kitchen and eating around my new home in Vancouver.

The biggest change in my life over the past year has been purchasing and moving into a condo. Thankfully this one actually has a kitchen that isn’t built for tiny gnomes.  My fluffy kid Daisy hasn’t been fond of our frequent moving, but I think she approves of our new home.   Those of you wondering why the heck my condo has carpet should know it is because of Daisy’s inability to walk on anything else.  If anyone knows of possible modeling gigs for a rather surly rabbit who doesn’t take direction well, drop me a line.  It would be nice if she could help pay a few bills 🙂

Thanks to all of you who actually read my blog, especially those of you I haven’t had the opportunity to meet in person.  I rather expect my family to read it because frankly that’s their job.  Family, if you aren’t reading, be prepared for a stern lecture and finger wagging 🙂

Once the dust settles from decorating Daisy’s palace, I will post a whole lot more recipes.  Until then, enjoy the Nutella frosting and other recipes and photos of our new place.  I’m afraid there won’t be much exciting travel this year because I’m cursed with expensive taste in furniture, so you may not get a lot of cool food travel shots.  However, I am planning on Europe for next year.  I hear Belgium has some mighty fine chocolate….and waffles…

love Rachel & Daisy xoxo



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4 responses to “Happy 2nd Anniversary!

  1. Congrats on the Second Anniversary of your blog! Is Daisy sending out signed promotional photos for the occasion?

  2. Rach

    Daisy would be happy to send you a signed photo 🙂 She has also requested it be prominently displayed so other can worship her greatness. What a modest bunny!

  3. Happy 2nd anniversary! Look forward to eating your excellent baking. I am setting up my new laptop and Googled “Posh Pudding” – yours is the first link listed. A second congratulations!


    • Rach

      Thanks Moose! I just picked up baking supplies and think you may be taking some leftovers home with you in your backpack 🙂 See you soon!

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