First new piece of furniture

Since this is the first home I’ve actually owned, I really want to decorate it with pieces that I love.  I’m a firm believer that my home should be a comfy oasis from the outside world and should reflect my personality and things that I love.  This doesn’t mean replacing everything I own, as given my expensive taste, that would probably cost the GDP of Tonga.  Instead, I’ve chosen to order a couple of key pieces that I go all gushy over.  The first arrived this past week – a beautiful chair that I chose to have upholstered in a colourful, girly pattern. I think I actually started squealing and clapping my hands when I chose the fabric.  This fabulous beauty is now my comfy desk chair.  Now to find a desk to replace my Ikea one that shakes when I use the printer – hee hee!

Too Sexy Sadie Chair from Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams

Lighting up my sunfilled study - now to design the rest of it!



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3 responses to “First new piece of furniture

  1. ST

    Oooh quelle belle chaise! I am totally in love with it! 🙂

  2. Rach

    Thanks 🙂 I’m quite fond of ma belle chaise too!

  3. It’s always a treat getting new furniture, especially when it is a piece that you truly want.

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