Bedroom tour

It’s been two months now since Daisy & I moved into our new home.  Decorating has happened slowly but surely, with one room at a time falling into place.  With my brand spanking new pink closet, the bedroom is now what I’d consider “done”.   Over the years I’m sure I’ll change out the linens or the artwork, but at this moment it’s comfy, cozy and makes me happy.  Not surprisingly it also seems to match Daisy’s fur perfectly.

In a perfect world, I'd live in this bed 🙂

Nightstand painted in one of my favourite colours

Dresser full of goodies 🙂

Paris photos - c'est tres chic

My happy closet 🙂

An oasis from the busy world outside

The wall colour is a lovely light blue gray called iced cube silver by Benjamin Moore.

Furniture is from Pier 1 imports that I purchased back in 1997. It used to have a distinctly southwest look to it.  Almost two years ago I decided to give it a makeover by painting the headboard and dresser in Behr’s Silver Leaf.  The nightstand, I painted with Behr’s Aqua spray.

The duvet cover and white pillows were purchased in Paris from a company called Liou.  The blue velvet pillow is from Orling & Wu in Vancouver.  Hello kitty is from a fabulous trip to Build A Bear in Ottawa 🙂



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4 responses to “Bedroom tour

  1. When I saw the previous post on the closet, I was thinking about the Big Question: did it meet Daisy’s approval? How does Miss Daisy communicate approval or disapproval on these matters? You wouldn’t want to come home one day after all this work only to find that she’s repainted while you were out.

    • Rach

      I think the closet meets with Daisy’s approval. However, I don’t let her run around in my room, so perhaps she’d secretly hate it…must remember to keep her away from it in case she disapproves! Daisy does approve of the paint colours matching her fur and all of the other rabbit things around the place. I’ve also picked a sofa that matches her fur and is very soft 🙂

  2. Bonjour! I think I know you as one of Chelsea/Panforte’s FB friends. I would recognize that word “nommy” anywhere! I so approve of your paint colors. I have a bathroom painted in “drowsy lavender” and seriously, when I touched it up last fall, I wanted to eat the paint — it was so yummy — excuse me — nommy!

    Best wishes in your new home!
    P.S. My sister is in Paris now and is posting photos of eclairs from Fauchon and hot chocolate from Angelina’s on FB. I am not jealous, I am not jealous . . .

    • Rach

      Bonjour Charlotte! I am indeed one of Chelsea/Panforte’s FB friends 🙂 Thanks for the kind words about my paint colours and best wishes for my new home. I’d love to see that nommy lavender paint of yours! It sounds absolutely gorgeous – and nommy 🙂

      I am not jealous of your sister either….because who wants to eat eclairs from Fauchon or drink nommy hot chocolate…..somehow I think I need to be a bit more convincing. Next time tell her I almost fit into a carry on suitcase – isn’t that why Spanx were invented!

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