Pretty in Pink

Sorry folks – this is not a blog post about one of my favourite Molly Ringwald films.  Instead it’s all about my closets!  One of the big joys of home ownership is the ability to do what you want with a place.  Not surprisingly I wanted a bright pink closet because it brings a smile to my face.  The paint colour is watermelon pink by Behr (actual paint used is Dulux) and it matches the door to my storage room.  I say screw resale value – go with what you love, whether it be a disco ball in your living room or fluffy shag carpet – squee!

A glimpse of my bedroom closet...before shelving installation

Shelving and hanging on one side....

....and the other side



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2 responses to “Pretty in Pink

  1. kookiemaster

    Screw resale value indeed. Bright colours are fun 🙂 Plus you can always repaint white eventually.

    • Rach

      Exactly! I figured since the big spaces are painted in soft colours that match Daisy’s fur, I’d have fun with bright colours in the smaller spaces 🙂

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