Daisy’s sweet new pad – before paint & moving

I got the keys to my sweet new pad this week and I think Daisy bunny is going to be quite proud of me for choosing a place with lots of light and space for her to run around.  I’m really going to miss my current eclectic ‘hood, but I’m excited to explore my new surroundings and find new restaurants to frequent.

Here are some photos of the new place – before paint and moving.  I can’t wait to get all of my furniture in there and start using my new kitchen!  Thanks to all of my family & friends for your support and kind words.  I see a housewarming party in the future, so be prepared to enjoy what I whip up in the kitchen.  I’m thinking some cupcakes are in order 🙂

love Rach & Daisy bunny xoxo

The solarium - aka my future study & guest room

Living room, leading to the bedroom....paint colour to change soon & carpet remains for Daisy

The view - can't wait for the trees & flowers to bloom!



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2 responses to “Daisy’s sweet new pad – before paint & moving

  1. kookiemaster

    The view is great! I’m surprised the solarium isn’t going to be Daisy’s pad 😀

    • Rach

      Thanks! I think it may become Daisy’s pad once I put down a couple of more rugs 🙂 I put one in there today and Daisy hopped on to it, then was confused by the lack of other rugs for her to hop on. I’ll post some photos once the frog boxes are gone.

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