Shiitake mushroom & ginger stir fry

One of my favourite recipe web sites is Epicurious, especially because so many people give helpful feedback and hints with the recipes.  The original recipe is for Pan-Seared Tuna with Ginger-Shiitake Cream Sauce but I decided to skip out the tuna and try this with chicken instead.  I’ve also used the sauce as a great base for using up leftover brown rice and an assortment of veggies.  Go wild with whatever you want to throw in there because it seems to all work out!

Here’s what you’ll need for my chicken version of it:

* 1 Tbsp olive oil

* 1 bunch of green onions, sliced

* chopped cilantro – approximately 1/2 a cup

* 2 Tbsp chopped, peeled fresh ginger – I just eyeball it and use a giant chunk cut up

* 4 cloves of garlic, minced

* shiitake mushrooms, cut into pieces – I add in approximately 1 1/2 cups

* 3 Tbsp soy sauce

* 1 tsp sesame oil

* approximately 125 mL whipping cream or half & half – a bit less than 1/2 a cup

* 3 Tbsp fresh lime juice

* chicken thighs, chicken breasts cut up, or go with tofu

Heat oil in a large saute pan over medium-high heat, add chicken and saute until browned. Remove from pan and place on a plate or bowl.  Add onions, cilantro, garlic and ginger to skillet and saute for approximately 30 seconds.

cilantro, green onions & ginger....on my most awesome Swedish cutting board!

If you are adding additional vegetables, add those in now too.  Then add in mushrooms, soy sauce and sesame oil and saute for a couple of minutes and add in the cooked chicken.  Next add in cream or half & half and let this mixture simmer for a few minutes.  Add in lime juice if desired.  Serve over top of brown rice.

Chicken in a ginger shiitake cream sauce - nom!

I also like to add in cooked rice as a variant and add this in after I add in shiitake mushrooms and before adding the soy sauce and sesame oil.  This recipe is one to have fun with, so please let me know what variations you come up with 🙂


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