Eating more vegan noms :)

On my way back to Vancouver after Christmas holidays, I was cursing my very cool ability to make pie a food group and the fact I hadn’t bothered to pack a pair of Spanx.  Anyway, I picked up the latest Bon Appetit and read a great article about NY Times food writer Mark Bittman that for some reason made perfect sense – eat more vegan foods and get healthier.  I figured if someone who eats for a living can make this lifestyle change sound effortless, there might just be something to it.

So what does this mean for me….well, I’ve started eating more vegan noms during the day and eating my more regular noms in the evening.  I cannot give up sugary snacks completely – heck I just finished a jar of Nutella today (in my defense it’s the small one, not the giant ones I saw in Paris – those are the stuff of dreams….).  However, I am thinking more about what I’m shoving into my pie hole.

So far I’ve discovered:

* soy in coffee isn’t too bad and Starbucks has the tastiest decaf soy lattes I’ve had so far

* almond milk is also pretty tasty stuff

* I can eat a lot of baby carrots and hummus…just don’t eat garlic hummus at work

* Lebanese food totally kicks butt, especially falafel…which makes me want to go back to Paris to eat falafel…

* I need to do more research on vegan foods as I have so much to learn from those who eat this way all the time.

* BC apples are nommy

*Whole Foods has some really cool stuff with lots of fiber….bring on the whole wheat couscous!

What this new eating plan has given me is more awareness of what I eat.  I’m not going to pretend that I’m uber healthy, but I haven’t started deep frying butter and dipping it in melted chocolate quite yet…though that doesn’t necessarily sound like a bad idea 🙂

Until then, I do recommend my mom’s pecan pie….and I’ll have to get her recipe to post here.

Falafel plate from Nuba in Vancouver - nommy!


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