My fab foodie highlights of 2010

Somehow 2010 has come and gone and I can’t use being comatose as an excuse for why this shocks me.  However, despite my issues with time “accelerating”, I did manage to make, consume and photograph some nommalicious stuff.  In no particular order, here are my foodie highlights of the past year:

1. Drinking chocolate – I consumed this heady elixir in Portland and mourned the loss of Dulcinea the chocolate cafe from my ‘hood.  I’m already thinking another trip to Portland is in order….

Drinking chocolate from my trip to Portland

2. New lunch time favourites – I’m downright boring when it comes to lunch & will eat the same thing repeatedly just because it’s easy.  Luckily when it’s marinated tofu and chickpea salad from Urban Fare’s salad bar, it’s easy to hit the repeat button.  Chickpea tofu was my mantra for quite sometime….until I moved offices and discovered their red pepper and tomato bisque….

Mixed greens, chickpea salad & tofu - the lunch of champions

3. Decent, reasonably priced chardonnay for cooking – Gray Fox chardonnay from California is a little gem I discovered and it’s my new go to wine for cooking.  A bottle will set you back less than $10 and it also has the most adorable little fox on the bottle – squee!

Chicken & sausage ragu benefit from California chardonnay

4. Sugar + salt = genius – Whether it’s making chocolate covered pretzels in my kitchen or experiencing the bliss of salted peanut cake at the Nickel Diner in Los Angeles, salt & sugar is pure genius.  I guess the food cancellation equivalent would be brown rice + broccoli…..

Salted peanut chocolate cakey goodness....drool....

5. Good food does not necessarily depend upon geography – This year I’ve had amazing food in Vancouver, Portland, Los Angeles and my hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I had the most amazing vegan soup at a restaurant called Bliss in Saskatoon and it’s clear that my hometown is full of talented chefs, other than my mom & sister-in-law 🙂 To all of the people who have fed me wonderful meals over 2010, thank you so much from the bottom of my well-fed tummy!

Excellent vegan soup & salad from Bliss in Saskatoon, SK

Stay tuned for more recipes and my attempts to cook & eat more vegan food in new year…..we’ll see how well I can do without chocolate and butter….duoh!

Until then Happy New Year!

Happy new year hoomins....



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6 responses to “My fab foodie highlights of 2010

  1. Drinking chocolate looks amazing. Happy New Year!

  2. Michele

    I’m glad that you enjoyed Christmas dinner.

    However … vegan is bad. Vegan means no butter and butter is so good. How could you live without butter?

    • Rach

      Butter is indeed good…soo sooo good…but I’m trying to eat more veggies. Just wish I could coat them in melted butter 🙂

  3. kookiemaster

    Happy New Year … and good god, whatever you did to anger Daisy into making that look, please don’t do it again. Humanity might not survive o.O

    • Rach

      Happy new year kookiemaster! lol – I actually snapped that photo of Daisy while I was playing around on iTunes. Beck was on when she did that face 🙂 Guess Beck could bring humanity to its end – hee hee!

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