Last minute gift ideas for foodies…

For those of you who haven’t finished Christmas shopping, here are some suggestions for the foodies on your list:

1. Kitchen Aid stand mixer – The appliance I would marry and grow old with if it was legal to marry an appliance.  Sure I covet the ones in nifty colours like orange or robin’s egg blue, but my old faithful is the standard, basic white workhorse mixer.  If you know a foodie who loves to bake, this is one gift that will be a winner.

Kitchen Aid stand mixer....complete with cookie dough

2. Subscription to a foodie magazine:   There are many food magazines out there and they are all glorious eye candy to behold (and sometimes lick!)  I love Cooks Illustrated for the sheer effort that goes into testing each recipe to make it decent for us home cooks.  I adore Bon Appetit for its beautiful photography and stunning kitchens.  Fine Cooking I love for being so helpful to amateur cooks like me and for devoting individual issues solely to chocolate desserts – nom!   

Cake recipe from one of my favourite food magazines

  3. Kitchen utensils:  For a foodie who is just starting out in his or her own kitchen for the first time or one who is a utensil junkie, good quality kitchen utensils will be highly useful, appreciated and hopefully last a long time.  A new set of All-Clad pots & pans may not be in your budget, but not to fear,  there are plenty of reasonably priced options such as cookie sheets, garlic presses, dish towels and measuring cups.  I recommend going to a kitchen specialty store such as Williams-Sonoma, Cookworks in Vancouver or Sur La Table in the US.   

Oxo clear measuring cup

4. Gift certificates/cards for restaurants, grocery stores or a favourite cafe – Foodies like to eat, so a gift certificate to a favourite restaurant, gourmet grocery store or cafe is a great idea and will definitely be put to good use.  If you don’t like the gift card idea, there are a number of grocery stores or cafes that make gift baskets and you can fill them up with any number of goodies for the foodie on your list.

ummm....brunch out...what a lovely gift that would be!

5. Chocolate – For the chocoholic foodie, I recommend his or her favourite chocolate.  It hopefully won’t break the bank (if so, cheap out and just get some holiday m&m’s and a nice card) and it will bring a whole lot of joy and sanity to the receiver.

Chocolatey treats rarely fail to please!

Other ideas you may want to consider:

* Cookbooks or a gift card to a book store

* Bottle of half decent wine – not all of it costs a bundle either, so check at your local wine shop and ask for their advice.  If you’re like me and choose based on how cute the bottle is, perhaps bring along some good cheese to be safe 🙂

* Invite the foodie in your life over for dinner.  I say this only if you can make more than toast.  Heck, I’d still think it was nice if a friend made me toast and then I’d proceed to make something for us to eat.

Happy holidays & most of all, try not to stress!  Foodies like to eat, so just throw some expensive food stuff at them and watch their eyes light up – squee!



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4 responses to “Last minute gift ideas for foodies…

  1. I really enjoyed this post. Good job! I’ve actually added a stand mixer to my wishlist this year. I really enjoyed all your suggestions and am thinking of passing this post on along to some of my good friends: hint! hint!

    • Rach

      Thanks Krista – glad you enjoyed it! I really hope Santa brings you a stand mixer this year. If not, you’re always welcome to visit Daisy & I in our gnome home and use ours 🙂 Happy holidays!

  2. kookiemaster

    Gah! Kitchen Aid Stand mixer envy!!!

    • Rach

      Helene, I hope Santa brings you a Kitchen Aid Stand mixer in a super cool colour! …or else there’s a really good sale for Boxing Day and you can get one for almost free 🙂

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