More weekend in LA – heroes, Bouchon & El Coyote

I managed to pack a lot into my weekend in LA.  Thanks to the magnificent Ursula, I had the opportunity to be a seat filler at the CNN Heroes Awards.  This seemed like the perfect LA activity for me and I had a blast (future seat fillers note – wear comfortable shoes!).  Sadly we weren’t allowed to take any photos of the event, otherwise I would’ve taken one of Jon Bon Jovi (mere feet away from us seat filler folks).  I kid you not, he’s the size of a large garden gnome 🙂  However, we were staying at the same hotel as the Chilean miners, their rescuers and families, who were honoured at the ceremony.

Me & Ivette - wife of a rescuer of the Chilean miners

Now on to the food stuff!  I have a little bit of a Bouchon obsession.  The chocolate tart at the NYC Bouchon Bakery was a game changer for me (I can die happy having eaten it), so I was just a wee bit excited when we went to Bouchon in Beverly Hills for brunch.  We started off with the pastry basket and it did not disappoint.  My favourite was definitely the blueberry croissant…and yes I managed to share it with Chelsea & Ursula.

Bouchon's delectable pastry basket - nom!

As part of food cancellation theory, I ordered an omelette that thankfully came with a salad.  Chelsea ordered a charcuterie platter, which came with the most adorable tiny baguette I’ve ever seen – squee!  I wish I could’ve taken home a few of them for Daisy to just tote around and look chic 🙂  They seemed bunny sized to me.

Charcuterie and a super squee mini baguette!

At my insistence, we ordered dessert – chocolatey and fantastic, supremely nommy dessert….and we all lived happily ever after…or at least I did 🙂


After considerably raising my blood sugar level, I rolled around Beverly Hills.  All I can say is so many stores…so little money….but there is an amazing cheese shop that made me very happy.  Note to everyone: if you look like a sad critter and smack your lips at a cheese shop where they give samples, chances are very good that you’ll be fed 🙂

Before retiring to my hotel to pack for my flight the next morning, Ursula took me for dinner to a great Mexican restaurant called El Coyote.  After consuming about 2 bowls of salsa and chips, I managed to eat a giant chicken burrito and guacamole.

Burrito from El Coyote

Thanks to my fantastic friends Ursula and Chelsea (and a shout out to Ursula’s husband Matt)!  I had the most amazing time and I can’t wait until we meet up again.  Now it’s back to eating brown rice and steamed broccoli so my pants will fit!


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