Weekend in LA – garlic overload, hipsters & awesome cake

Downtown LA's awesome hipster action

Last weekend I went to Los Angeles to visit friends of mine who I met in Paris during our May 2009 chocolate adventure with David Lebovitz.  Not only do my lovely friends adore great food, but they are absolute sweethearts and a lot of fun.

My fabulous friend Ursula picked me up from LAX, with a nommy hot chocolate in tow for me (did I mention how much I love my friends!) Before going to my hotel in downtown LA, we stopped for Italian food at a cool place in Westchester called Alejo’s.

Instead of the usual bread with olive oil & balsamic vinegar, we were treated to wonderfully soft bread with olive oil and tons of garlic.  Not for the faint of heart, this bread and garlic concoction totally rocked – and I highly recommend it if you’re going to do some vampire slaying a la Buffy 🙂

Bread with garlic and olive oil - nom!

For our main course, we split a pizza and it was definitely nommy, carbolicious goodness.  Alejo’s is definitely a place I will return to in the future.

Warm pizza goodness....with a few pieces happily eaten!

The next morning, we headed off to the Nickel diner to meet our fabulous foodie friend Chelsea.  Yes I’ve spelled it out because I mistakenly called it the 5 cent diner.  Standing outside while we waited for our table, we were almost overwhelmed by the sartorial offerings on display.  Not since my last visit to Urban Outfitters have I seen so many hipsters in one spot.  Of course I had to take photos because it was just too much for me to absorb all at once….

Hipsters...check out that sweet Back to the Future denim jacket

Now on to the important thing – the food…We started off with a pumpkin pop tart and a Nutella doughnut.  The pop tart was fabulous and I loved the seasonal pumpkin flavour.  The Nutella doughnut was decent enough but I would’ve preferred triple the amount of frosting and fewer crushed hazelnuts – basically they could’ve brought me a big bowl of Nutella and a cake doughnut and I would’ve been content.

Pumpkin pop tart and Nutella doughnut

For breakfast, Chelsea & I both opted for scrambles – mine had zucchini, spinach, leeks, tomatoes & mozzarella, with a side of potatoes.  Ursula went with the Dutch baby – a pancake with carmelized apples and sugar.

Veggie scramble - food cancellation at its finest!

Dutch baby - could've used a few more apples

Now no breakfast is quite complete without a look at the dessert tray (this is me we’re talking about here!)  We were all stuffed so decided to take our desserts to go.  Chelsea got this Smores cake and I took Ursula’s advice and went with the salt peanut cake with crushed potato chips.  All I can say is it was beyond nommy and I didn’t do a good job of sharing my cake with others – duoh!  Let this be a lesson to all of you – Rachel does not share cake willingly or easily…..unless I’m ready to explode or the cake is meh…

The dessert tray...and sadly I don't have an extra stomach for all of it!

Salted peanut cake....the perfect combo of sweet & salty

Stay tuned for more of my LA foodie adventures in upcoming posts…..


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