Birthday dinner at Provence

Before you get all excited, it isn’t a birthday dinner in Provence, France but instead dinner at the restaurant Provence in Vancouver’s Yaletown.  It was wonderful to celebrate my mom’s birthday with her, as I’ve spent far too many of her birthdays living too far away.  My gorgeous mom has become a senior citizen – and can still pass for one young, classy lady.

I chose Provence because I had heard good things about it and because they had a lot of seafood and fish on the menu to please the birthday girl.  We started off with a lot of fresh bread and butter.  Make that I ate most of it while the rest of them ate the amuse bouche that had shellfish in it (thankfully I am not allergic to bread).

Amuse bouche

The others ordered appetizers – salad and a bowl of mussels – while I continued stuffing my pie hole with bread and awaiting my main course.

Nommy salad

For my main course, I decided to go with chicken.  I know – how original of me!  The chicken dish came with frites and gravy.  The frites were surprisingly like the ones I had in Paris – meaning not all that frightfully crispy.  However, the servers were kind enough to bring me some aioli and they were still tasty enough for me to consume many of them.  The chicken was nicely cooked, moist and nommy.

Poulet et frites - nom!

I didn’t try any of the other main courses, but I did go crazy trying everyone’s dessert.  Both mom and I ordered the lemon tart.  However, my favourite dessert was the decadent double chocolate kahlua cake.  Rich, chocolatey and oh so nommy, it was the best part of the meal.  I would definitely return to Provence just to eat this cake!

Lemon tart

Double chocolate kahlua cake - swoony goodness!


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