Lunch at Bliss

Last week I went back home to Saskatoon to visit my family for the Thanksgiving long weekend.  Mom and I had a mother-daughter bonding day that included lunch at a relatively new restaurant on Broadway called Bliss.  We both decided on the soup and salad combo and ended up choosing the same salad.  Great minds think alike!


Vegan mushroom soup with spinach & pear salad


The vegan mushroom soup was full of chunky vegetables and tasted wonderful.  It was a treat to have a soup that didn’t taste like I was eating a giant salt lick.  The spinach and pear salad with raspberry vinaigrette was also tasty but my heart belonged to the nommy soup.  Both the cheddar biscuit mom ordered and the foccacia were perfect to dip into warm soupy goodness….Please Bliss, make this soup a regular item on the menu so I can eat it again!

Of course after eating such a healthy lunch, we had to eat dessert.  Mom ordered the dessert special – pumpkin cheesecake.  Kudos to the chefs at Bliss for not resorting to serving a heavy, brick-like cheesecake.  This pumpkin cheesecake was light, airy goodness that wasn’t overly sweet.  The key to its divine texture lay in the use of custard.  Very clever!


Pumpkin cheesecake.....light and airy nommy goodness


I ordered the Bliss Torte.  It’s full of gorgeous ganache and caramel goodness.  Again, not a sickeningly sweet dessert, but rich and creamy.


Bliss torte....blissful indeed!


Bliss is located at 1002 Broadway Avenue.  I will definitely return on my next trip home!


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