Cool shops in Portland

Portland is not just a city with a devotion to food carts and coffee.  I also came across two very cool shops that I had to visit and bring home a souvenir or two.

On my way to check out the food carts, I came across the lovely shop Canoe (, located at 1136 SW Alder in downtown Portland. Canoe carries a range of beautiful items for home and office from around the world.  Being the mother to a rabbit means I was immediately drawn to a small cast iron rabbit from Japan.  Apparently rabbits are a symbol of good luck.  If that’s the case, I wonder why my lottery pool isn’t winning, considering I am the indentured servant to one very demanding rabbit….I digress….


Canoe - the perfect place for gorgeous gifts


Canoe also carries beautiful Edith Heath ceramics from Northern California.  I loved the bud vases and decided it would make the perfect souvenir to remember my trip to Canoe.


Edith Heath bud vase and the rabbit - not properly styled for the photo shoot!


Another shop I fell in love with was Alder & Co. ( located at 537 SW 12th Avenue in downtown Portland.

Full of beautiful bags, stationary, scarves, jewelry, blankets, and clothing from small American and international producers, this beautiful gem was love at first sight.  There are very few stores I would want to live in (posh grocery stores aside) but this is definitely one of them.  Owned by the supremely lovely & fabulous Carla Helmholz, Alder & Co has only been open a few short months.  No I do not have them on speed dial as yet, but I’m in love with a few blankets that may be making their way to Vancouver before winter begins…


Alder & Co - so many beautiful things all under one roof!



Shopping bags and beautiful paper...



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