Waffle goodness at Cafe Medina

My brother and niece were recently in town visiting and we went with our good friends to a fantastic place called Cafe Medina.  I heard they had waffles there, so waffles I had to try.

I ordered a waffle with the milk chocolate lavender sauce, while my dining companions had waffles with fig orange marmalade, waffles with raspberry caramel and waffles with dark chocolate.  It was giant waffle fiesta.  I also ordered a beautiful raspberry caramel latte that was so nommy…

Stacks of waffles....waiting to be devoured...

Waffles with milk chocolate lavender & raspberry caramel sauces

Raspberry caramel latte with pretty latte art

My favourite sauce was definitely the raspberry caramel sauce.  Sadly I didn’t order it for my waffle and didn’t think it would be fair to steal it from my niece.  However, I did appreciate the milk chocolate lavender but have come to the conclusion that my palate just isn’t the biggest fan of lavender.  This doesn’t mean I won’t want to smell it or frolic in large fields of the stuff in France.

To balance out the waffle goodness, there are also more savoury brunch dishes.  I particularly loved the paella, which was nice to sample after my waffle.

Paella....nommy nommy goodness....

Cafe Medina is a popular spot for brunch and I would definitely return again.  I mean how else am I going to get my raspberry caramel fix! Many thanks to Ming for suggesting we go there and for her fabulous taste (not that I’m surprised because she’s gorgeous, intelligent and classy!) Cafe Medina is located at 556 Beatty Street in Vancouver.

My niece really enjoyed her waffles!


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