My kitchen essentials….

Everyone differs in what they consider to be kitchen essentials.  Some may consider their prized collection of take out menus to be essential, while others may consider a microplane grater akin to oxygen.  In no particular order, here is a list of my kitchen essentials:

1. Kitchen Aid stand mixer

If it was legal to marry an appliance, I would marry my Kitchen Aid mixer in a heartbeat!  I bought this beauty years ago because I kept watching Martha Stewart use it for baking and thought it must be “a good thing”.  Thankfully it was a sound investment and worth every penny.  My classic white workhorse has been used for so many baking projects that the paddle attachment is looking worn.  If I ever upgrade, I think I’ll go for a wacky colour like orange or blue!

My beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer

2. Nespresso machine

I freely admit to being lazy and didn’t want to spend a fortune on a machine where I had to learn how to pull shots of espresso myself.  This makes the Nespresso perfect for lazy me on my lazy weekend mornings when all I want is to make myself a latte and watch Millionaire Matchmaker reruns in my jammies.

Nespresso - my lazy way to get espresso

3. Rubber spatulas

I have amassed quite a number of fantastic kitchen utensils.  My favourite for baking include a variety of rubber spatulas from Cuisipro and Williams-Sonoma that I use for scraping down bowls and even throwing frosting down on cakes.  Plus the colours are really pretty!

One of my many colourful spatulas

4. Oxo measuring cup

While baking, I tend to use many measuring cups and appreciate having a number of different ones at my disposal.  One of my favourites is the Oxo transparent measuring cup which includes both imperial and metric measurements.

Oxo clear measuring cup

5. Swedish dishcloths

I’m one of those odd ducks who actually enjoys doing dishes.  Maybe it’s the apple scented soap or the pink gloves I wear when I give the dishes their “spa treatment”.  However, I think my new favourite reason to do dishes is these fabulous dishclothes I bought in Sweden at Design Torget.  They are made from some kind of cellulose – heck, who knows because I can’t read Swedish!  Anyway, they are fantastic and you can often find similar ones for sale at the From Sthlm web site  (

Swedish dishcloths



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2 responses to “My kitchen essentials….

  1. ST

    Yes, I love my microplane grater! 🙂 And someday I shall have a Kitchen Aid and maybe your’s and mine can play together. 🙂

    • Rach

      Could you imagine how much baking we could do with two Kitchen Aid mixers! think of all that frosting….nom 🙂

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