Dinner at Italian Kitchen

My fabulous friend Francois was visiting from Ottawa this past Friday, so we decided to try dinner at the Italian Kitchen.  Luckily I made a reservation, because the place was packed.

We started off with the bruschetta sampler.  The bruschetta had a flat bread/pizza type bottom, topped with pesto, tomato & basil and chickpeas.

Bruschetta sampler

This seemed to be a very popular appetizer, as I saw it being carried out multiple times during my meal.  The crust was nothing extraordinary, but the toppings made up for it.  The pesto was particularly tasty, as were the beautiful tomatoes.  Despite my adoration of the humble chickpea, this was my least favourite topping.

For my main course, I decided to try the pepperoni pizza.  I’m on the hunt for decent pizza in Vancouver and was eagerly anticipating it.  The pizza crust was decent and I appreciated the flavour of oven roasted tomatoes.  However, it really could’ve used a thin layer of sauce to push it into the nommy zone.   If I return, I would choose another pizza with sauce or pesto.

Pepperoni pizza

My friend opted for the gnocchi, with roasted tomato and basil cream.  It was so close to being a wonderful dish because the sauce was so nommy.  Sadly the gnocchi was more soggy than al dente.

Gnocchi with tomato and basil cream sauce

No big surprise, but dessert was the highlight of my meal.  I ordered the tiramisu, which was light, dreamy and nommy.  My friend had the lemon hazelnut mille folglie.  The lemon goo was fantastically tart and tasty, and the lemon sorbet was equally tarty.  The hazelnut phyllo layers could’ve been left out, as they impeded our access to the goo and in my opinion added nothing to the dessert.

Tiramisu - nommy!

Lemon gooey goodness

Next time I visit Italian Kitchen, I think I may just skip dinner and go straight to dessert 🙂  Italian Kitchen is located at 1037 Alberni Street, just a stone’s throw away from Tiffany’s (oooh – shiny!)


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  1. kookiemaster

    That bruschetta looks amazing o.O and so do both desserts, even for a tiramisu fanatic like me.

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