My latest addiction – chickpea salad and tofu

Urban Fare has made me happy yet again.  Not only can I buy groceries equivalent to the GDP of Tonga, but I can also support my latest addiction from their salad bar – spicy chickpea salad and marinated tofu – which I like to throw onto mixed greens. Healthy, nommy and surprisingly inexpensive, this addiction may be continuing for quite some time.  As an added bonus, I also earn points with my Save On savings card, so I’m eating my way to an ice cream maker or deep fryer…ummm…..donut ice cream sandwiches…..

Chickpea salad & marinated tofu, with mixed greens thrown in for good measure

For self-serve salad bar, go to the Urban Fare on Alberni Street, next to the Shangri-La hotel.


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