Dinner at Yaletown Brewing Company

The other night I went to the Yaletown Brewing Company for the first time with a group of friends and their kids for dinner.

One of my friends started off with the BLT wedge, a giant wedge of iceberg lettuce, covered with tomatoes, bacon and blue cheese dressing.  It looked quite impressive on the plate and I think she found it sufficiently nommy.

BLT Wedge - iceberg lettuce all dressed up

My other friends ordered the hot wings and steamed mussels for their appetizers.  The steamed mussels were deemed rather meh, but the hot wings were meaty and had some kick to them.  I just wasn’t happy with the resulting sticky, icky fingers, but even I won’t eat wings with a fork and knife.

Festival of meh - steamed mussels

Les hot wings

The Yaletown Brewing Company had a separate kids’ menu that came in a cute little takeout container, along with crayons, pictures to colour and these weird bendy things the kids enjoyed.  I was not only impressed that they could colour the menu (and wanted one too), but the portion sizes for kids are ridiculously large.  Here’s what the kids’ menu cheese pizza looked like:

Kids' menu pizza - oddly the same size as the adult pizza

One pizza could easily feed a few of the little tykes.  I had a piece and enjoyed it more than the roasted chicken that I ordered.  The sauce that accompanied the chicken can only be described as odd, however, the nommy mashed potatoes partially made up for the sauce debacle.

My friend ordered the four cheese pizza for a main course.  Again being a food vulture, I tried this one too.  In my opinion it was the tastiest of the food I tried.  It was slightly ruined by the addition of pesto that was far too salty.  I guess four cheeses just wasn’t enough to have on a pizza….anyway, scrape it off and the pizza is just fine.

Decent pizza...somewhat sullied by not so decent pesto

The halibut burger that another friend ordered was the biggest dud of the night.  Rather than using a halibut filet, it was a patty comprised of chopped up halibut bits.  For some strange reason it reminded me of that Simpson’s episode with the Little Lisa Slurry…Anyway, that burger was not recommended whatsoever.

Halibut burger - try to avoid it and order something else

If the food we ate is any indication of the usual fare, this isn’t a place I will be frequenting for noms.  However, the heated patio is toasty warm, the kids were entertained by a super awesome magician and the kids’ adorable goodie containers make it a fun place to take the family.

The Yaletown Brewing Company is located at 1111 Mainland Street in Vancouver.


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