Cioppino’s – birthday dinner extraordinaire

Last night I had one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time at Cioppino’s located at 1133 Hamilton Street in Yaletown.  Words cannot adequately describe the joyous sensation my taste buds experienced.

For appetizers, I had the award winning chestnut & porcini soup with vanilla chantilly, while my dining companion had mussels in a tomato chorizo sauce.  The soup was an intriguing flavour combination that was well executed.  However, I’ve discovered my taste buds are perhaps not that experimental when it comes to soup.  Meanwhile, my dining companion adored the mussels, sopping up the spicy sauce carnage with pieces of supple bread.

Porcini & chestnut soup

Mussels with spicy tomato sauce

I chose free range chicken breast with porcini pink peppercorn sauce and asparagus for my main course, while my dining companion chose the rack of lamb.  Never have I experienced chicken so succulent and tender.  It was truly sublime.  The rack of lamb was equally exquisite, cooked to absolute perfection.  Not only did I want to hug everyone in the kitchen, but I wanted to know exactly how they achieved such swoon-worthy food.

Chicken with asparagus & porcini pink peppercorn sauce - swoon....

Rack of lamb - like butter...

The dessert menu at Cioppino’s is extensive.  As a chocoholic, I opted for the dark chocolate Tanzanie 75%, consisting of layers of compressed cocoa, orange crisp and raspberries stuffed with light mousse, with a dark chocolate gelato.  It was wonderful having a festival of chocolate goodies for dessert.  My favourites – the dark chocolate gelato and the orange crisp with chocolate mousse.  Next time I’m going to have the vanilla and chocolate pots de creme with madeleines that I spotted at the table next to us.

Chocolate dessert fiesta

Beautiful ambiance, wonderful service, bread with awesome chickpea spread and extraordinary food.  Cioppino’s is a place I will definitely return to.  In the meantime, I need to walk off last night’s eating extravaganza!


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