Dinner at Amarcord

This past Saturday I went for dinner at Amarcord in Yaletown with a lovely friend of mine.  For $38, we chose an appetizer, entree and dessert from their special Dine Out Vancouver menu.

My starter was a salad with goat cheese, grapes and lemon dressing.  It was quite tasty, but just a touch too tart for my liking.

Salad with grapes and goat cheese

For my main course, I chose chicken in a nommy whisky cream sauce.  This was very nommy indeed, with the chicken cooked to perfection amidst a sauce of creamy goodness.

Nommy chicken amidst saucy goodness

I chose the chocolate medallions for dessert.  Slices of rich, dark chocolate pate, with some wafer things inside that cut down on the richness, but I would’ve been happy to have done away with.  Nevertheless, it was tasty, especially with the raspberry sauce.

Chocolate medallions...nommy!

Amarcord is located at 104-1168 Hamilton Street in Vancouver.  Next time I think I will try the pasta


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