Recipe: simple guacamole

A few simple ingredients can turn a couple of avocados into very nommy guacamole.  Not only is guacamole an excellent dip for tortilla chips, it’s also a fantastic topping for fajitas, burgers and sandwiches.  Did I also mention avocados are good for you – chock full of monounsaturated fats.

My recipe for guacamole was adopted from a Martha Stewart recipe I found in an Oscar night edition of TV guide from 1997.  Being Martha, her recipe involved picking avocados from trees that we all happen to have in our backyards and a staff of 10 🙂  Of course, I had to adapt the recipe to make it simpler.  For simple guacamole, you need the following:

* 2-4 Ripe avocados

* 1 Lime

* Garlic – approximately 2-3 cloves, run through a garlic press

When purchasing avocados, make sure they are sufficiently soft when you gently squeeze them. You may look like a freak while squeezing avocados in the produce section, but this is the key to good guacamole.  I recommend not selecting ones that are too mushy or you may end up with unattractive brown guacamole.  It can really be hit or miss, so try to select a few soft ones in case you cut one open and get an unwelcome surprise.

If making guacamole for 2 people, I recommend using 2-3 ripe avocados.  Rinse and then cut the top off of the avocados, scooping the avocados “guts” into a bowl with a spoon. Once the avocado guts are in a bowl, squeeze the juice of half a lime onto said guts and add in 2 cloves of minced garlic.  Mash all of this up with a fork (or spoon) and proceed with tasting it.  If you are going vampire hunting, add more garlic.  If you prefer a bit more zing to it, add more lime juice.  Your guacamole will never taste the same twice, but I prefer to make it depending upon my mood and activities.

I highly recommend this newly discovered taste sensation as a burger or sandwich topping:  a combo of Maille dijon mustard and guacamole.  Miam miam!

Ripe avocado



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