This post is not about my latest food splurge (goodness knows I’ve had many).  It’s about one of my other loves – shiny things! Darcy MacPhedran is the creative genius behind Splurge, a fantastic Etsy shop (splurge.etsy.com) showcasing her stunning jewellery designs.  I’ve been fortunate to know Darcy since preschool and not only is she a creative, talented designer, she’s also a fantastic person.

I ordered a stunning blue pearl necklace and Darcy made me a pair of matching quirky, twisted earrings (to match my twisted personality!).  Beauty aside, the necklace features the most brilliant clasp I’ve ever seen – it’s a magnet!  Did I mention Darcy is also super smart??   Anyway, beautiful jewellery with intelligent design and it comes in the most adorable magnetic tin.  Check out her jewellery now – she’s featuring watermelon colours for spring – nommy!

Beautiful necklace and twisted earrings!


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  1. Thank you very much for the blog post Rach! You are your own creative genius. I’m glad you like your twisted pearl earrings along with the necklace.

    BTW, Rach is too nice to tell anyone I started using those magnetic clasps because I was too clumsy for anything else.

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