Golden Pagoda – Burmese cuisine

While visiting my parents in Saskatoon for the Easter long weekend, we went to the Golden Pagoda restaurant to try Burmese cuisine.  Located in downtown Saskatoon, the Golden Pagoda is open for lunch, dinner and take away (which was very popular that evening).

We started out with chicken samosas.  The samosas had a crispy outer shell akin to spring rolls and were filled with chicken and potatoes.

Chicken samosa before it was devoured...

Our next starter was pickled green tea salad, composed of pickled green tea leaves with cabbage, lima beans, sesame seeds and yellow split peas.  It had a unique flavour and texture and was unlike any flavour combination I’ve tasted before.

Pickled green tea salad

For our main courses, we shared sweet and sour chicken, vegetable stir fry, chicken stir fried with ginger, lemon grass and garlic, traditional Burmese style curried beef, coconut rice and naan.  We misjudged by ordering the sweet and sour chicken and the vegetable stir fry, as both of these had a similar taste.  However, the chicken with ginger, lemon grass and garlic was incredibly nommy, full of amazing flavour and heat.  The traditional Burmese style curry was also a festival of flavour for my mouth, especially the sauce with the coconut rice.

Vegetable stir fry

Nommy, spicy chicken with lemon grass, ginger and garlic

Traditional Burmese curry - nommy!

Sweet and sour chicken

Golden Pagoda is located at #3-411 2nd Ave North in Saskatoon.  With nommy food and excellent service, I’m definitely going to return next time I’m in Saskatoon.


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  1. Moose

    I’ve never been to the Golden Pagoda. Next time you’re in town we can try it. Sorry I missed your visit.


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