Recipe: spicy stir fried brown rice

Inevitably I end up making more brown rice than I eat, so the question is always “what do I do with leftover rice?”  Well, thanks to, I discovered a recipe that I’ve tweaked to my own liking.  Actually the recipe is for spicy stir fried brown rice with broccolini and scallops.  Since I’m allergic to seafood, I change the recipe to include chicken instead of scallops and I use regular broccoli instead of broccolini.

I pour a bit of olive oil into a big pan on the stove and proceed to add one diced red pepper, sliced crimini mushrooms, a bunch of green onions (finely chopped),  a rather large chunk of peeled, chopped ginger and approximately 4 cloves of minced garlic (2 more than what the recipe calls for).  I’m not really one for measuring the precise amount of ginger, so if you like ginger, add as much as you feel like.  It really adds incredible flavour to the dish, so don’t forget to add it!  The epicurious recipe calls for 1/4 tsp of dried crushed red pepper to be added to the veggie mixture.  I’m a fan of spicy, so I prefer to dump a bunch into my hand and throw it in the pan.  It’s all a matter of personal preference.  

Once the veggies are sufficiently  cooked, I then add either a package of boneless, skinless chicken thighs or sliced chicken breast and cook the chicken until it is no longer pink.  Then add in the leftover rice, cooked broccoli (lazy gal here cooks hers in the microwave), approximately 2 -3Tbsp of soy sauce and 2 tsp of sesame oil.  This is what gives the dish a gorgeous flavour, so don’t forget it!  

This dish is open to liberal interpretation and experimentation, so I think it’s a most nommy way to clean out the fridge 🙂

Stir frying the rice with chicken...


Bowl of nommy brown rice goodness


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  1. Wise minds think alike as that is what I do with left over rice or noodles and measuring is highly over rated. Yours looks yummy. I quite often add cashews.

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