Tang Thai

We went for dinner at a new Thai restaurant in my neighbourhood called Tang Thai.  It opened recently and since it’s frequently busy (sometimes a good sign), I figured it was worth a try.  

We started off with two types of spring rolls – beef and vegetarian.  I opted to nom on the vegetarian ones.  They were decently nommy but I would’ve preferred if they were a little more on the crispy side.  For our main course, we ordered cashew chicken, green curry chicken and coconut rice.  The cashew chicken had more of a sweetness than I’m used to, but was tasty nonetheless.  My favourite was the green curry chicken – a spicy, nommy confection that was delectable over the coconut rice.  An added bonus was the super shiny container the coconut rice came in.  The other upside is that I didn’t get super giddy after eating there.  I don’t know what it is about me and Thai food, but lately I turn into a giant giggle monster after eating it.  Trust me, it isn’t pretty 🙂

Beef and vegetarian spring rolls


Chicken with cashew nuts


Ooooh - shiny! Coconut rice in a super shiny bowl


Green curry chicken - spicy, nommy goodness...

Tang Thai is located at 1779 Robson Street, close to Denman.  I will definitely be eating that green curry chicken again.


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