Vancouver Olympics

It’s been pretty hard to escape Olympic fever in Vancouver the past while, especially if you live downtown.  I’m happy to see so many people out & about enjoying the festivities, but I’m not exactly a fan of line-ups and crowds (this prairie gal loves wide open spaces!)  As a result, I haven’t made it to any of the pavilions, aside from BC Hydro (kudos for the amazing Muskoka chairs in front of the tv!)  However, I’ve managed to watch a lot of events on tv, I’ve become a massive Muk Muk fan (hello – full mascot status for that marmot babee) and I’ve  been frightened by the big lineups at the Bay.  I think Vancouver has done an awesome job welcoming the world and everyday I live here, I remind myself that I live in one of the best places on Earth (I’m still waiting to move to Neptune – stupid atmospheric problems…)

Here are some photos I’ve taken around the city of the Olympics:

Me with one of the Olympic torchbearers who kindly posed for photos

Live performance outside the BC Pavilion/Art Gallery

Very shiny, pretty bobsled

Daisy watching the hockey game with Muk Muk slippers

I’m debating whether or not to inflict the gold medal hockey game on Daisy or not.  She seemed rather intense while watching 🙂



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2 responses to “Vancouver Olympics

  1. Muk Muk is my favourite, too. 🙂

    • Rach

      Good choice! He really should’ve been a full fledged mascot. I’m a tad bit obsessed with the little critter 🙂 He’s just so cute!

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