Tropika Malaysian food

Recently I spent a wonderful evening with friends at Tropika restaurant in the Aberdeen Centre in Richmond.  Tropika serves a variety of Malaysian cuisine and we ordered dishes galore.  We started off with chicken and beef satay, an assortment of extremely nommy spring rolls and the carbolicious goodness known as roti canai (Malaysian bread).  I swear I could’ve stopped at appetizers, but of course we ordered more food – seafood for the seafood eaters, Tropika homestyle chicken, curried duck and different types of rice.  For dessert, my friend ordered a pretty pink confection that looked more appetizing than it sounded.  Being more of a dessert traditionalist, I opted for fried bananas with ice cream.  To be honest I think I would’ve preferred the bananas plain 🙂

spring rolls...before I ate them all 🙂


Super nommy Malaysian bread


"Pineapple dish"


Pretty pink dessert


In the future, I think I will order as much of the roti canai as my stomach can handle.  It is just that amazing! Tropica has two other locations – one on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver and the other on Cambie Street.



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2 responses to “Tropika Malaysian food

  1. kookiemaster

    o.O That pineapple dish is ginormous. Do you happen to know what the pink dish taste like?

    • Rach

      I think the pink dish is shaved ice and red bean. I didn’t try it – was told it was an acquired taste and didn’t want it to taste anything but sweet 🙂

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