Five things I love

Silly me didn’t bring my camera to Urban Burger to photograph the nommy chicken burger I ate the other night.  Hence no blog posting about the Urban Burger experience because honestly people need photos to look at 🙂  Instead you get what I deem to be a filler post – five things I love.  I could’ve done 10 things about me, but didn’t want to bore all 5 of my cult readers (especially not my dear mom!)  So without further ado, here are five things I love (in no particular order):

1. Paris

This seems fairly obvious to most people who know me, but I fell deeply in love with Paris during my visit last spring.  Yes the metros can be disgusting at times and crazy people there seemed to like to talk to me, but it’s a city that I’m in love with.  To me it represents a time in my life where I let go of everything and just concentrated on living.  I’ve never felt more relaxed and happy than I did in Paris.

Gardens of Rodin Museum in Paris

2. Shoes

Like most women I know (and some men), I’ve amassed quite the collection of shoes.  I must admit I still don’t know how to walk properly in heels, but that doesn’t stop me from collecting these exquisite jewels for the feet.  Mind you, I still walk around Vancouver in a pair of battered hipster-esque Nikes because I just can’t bear to ruin a nice pair of shoes in the rain.

Shiny foot candy....


Sparkly ballerinas Audrey Hepburn would approve of

3. Beds and bedding

I love my bed.  In fact, I often think how great it would be to live in my bed full time.  Then the realities of having to eat and pay my rent kick in and I realize that this dream will sadly never come to fruition.  However, I do try to make my bed as comfy as possible – the result of staying at the Ritz Carleton once before and falling in love with their cozy beds.  I now have created a down nest for me to sleep in, complete with a feather bed, giant duvet and feather pillows.  I recommend everyone channel their “inner duck” and nest away!

My cozy bed....duvet cover & shams from my beloved Paris

4. Indian food

I like to think my South Asian heritage has something to do with my love for Indian food.  However, as a child I didn’t like it whatsoever and made my parents take me to McDonalds after we went out to friends’ homes for Indian food.  Now I adore Indian food and can’t stand McDonalds!

Super nommy Indian food....

5. Chocolate

Last but certainly not least, it is practically a food group for me and forms the basis of my “food cancellation theory” (salad cancels out chocolate).  It has led me to spend small fortunes in North America and Europe and is the one food that I get a happy buzz from.  So if you ever see me in a bad mood, give me a little bit of chocolate and I guarantee you my mood will instantly change to happy 🙂

My happy food 🙂



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2 responses to “Five things I love

  1. Ursula

    I’d prefer to be called “wacky” instead of “crazy”, thank you very much.

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