Recipe: Saturday night comfort food

After a Saturday spent running errands and cleaning my gnome home, I didn’t feel like spending hours in my tiny kitchen preparing dinner.  I decided to make a simple baked chicken dish with a marinara sauce and cheese that’s one of my comfort food staples.  The marinara sauce is one I use regularly from Donna Hay’s Modern Classics cookbook.  I never really measure exact amounts when making it.  Last night I sauteed a small chopped onion and approximately 3 cloves of minced garlic in olive oil.  I then added a can of crushed tomatoes, a whole heap of chopped up basil and a dash of sugar and simmered the sauce on low heat while waiting for my oven to preheat.

Once my marinara sauce was complete, I poured it on top of a large package of boneless, skinless chicken thighs, trimmed of excess fat.  I baked the chicken at 375F for approximately 45 minutes, covered with foil.  I then removed the foil, added some shredded asiago cheese and a three cheese blend  and let it melt for about 5 minutes.

Here’s the finished result that I served with brown basmati rice and steamed broccoli.  

Nommy, comfort food for a weekend


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