Wellness – a few of my favourite things

Since I’ve achieved the lower levels of my hierarchy of needs (food, shelter) and I’m reaching for the ever elusive “self-actualization”, I’ve discovered a number of things that add to my wellness & self-actualization potential 🙂  Please don’t take any of this too seriously – I’m easily distracted by shiny things!

Here are a few of my favourite things to induce wellness in me:

1.  Tulips in January – My favourite flower, these lovelies are available for almost free all over Vancouver.  It adds a lovely burst of spring to my gnome home.

Almost free tulips


 2. Vegan thumbprint cookies from Whole Foods – A total shock to include on my list, since I normally find vegan baking to be better used as doorstops or playing catch with than for eating.  However, these nommy morsels of cookie goodness use ground nuts to create flavour and moisture and have a tasty raspberry centre.  So healthy it’s almost like eating a salad!

Vegan thumbprint cookies - nom nom nom!


3. Nespresso machine & shiny milk frother thingy – Much to the chagrin of my lovely friend Helene (who is a coffee goddess extraordinaire), I caved and bought a Nespresso machine.  Blame it on the George Clooney Nespresso ads I saw in Paris – he is my future husband (in a parallel universe).  I like that it’s ridiculously simple to use – though I couldn’t even get it to work the first couple of times (I also find childproof caps challenging, if that’s any indication).  It’s also shiny and sleek, plus I don’t have to leave the comfort of my gnome home to get myself a latte or cappuccino.  Helene still makes the best latte but it’s a little expensive to fly across Canada to get one 🙂

Nespresso machine and milk frother....sadly George Clooney didn't come with it


Nespresso espresso on a Saturday morning = wellness for me



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4 responses to “Wellness – a few of my favourite things

  1. It looks so good I may have to fly to see you to have a cuppa

    • Rach

      Gumma, you have a standing invitation chez Daisy 🙂 I’d be happy to make you whatever you’d like. Plus Moose will tell you the guest bed is super comfy!

  2. Moose

    You play catch? Max plays fetch with doll shoes and other small objects. Finally checked out your blog after much too long. Nutella brownies sound good ….

    • Rach

      Lol – I want to play fetch with Max next time I’m home. Daisy won’t fetch anything – no shock there! I’ll make you some brownies next time you visit the gnome home 🙂

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