Recipe: almond bark sans measuring

Last night I bought myself a few chunks of Callebaut chocolate and a giant bag of almonds and set about the task of making almond bark.  I suppose I could’ve actually weighed the chocolate and followed a recipe, but what’s the fun in that!  Instead I chopped the dark chocolate into chunks using my shiny new Wusthof knife and melted it at low temperature on the stove.  I know – I didn’t use a double boiler, but then again, I don’t have one 🙂  

As I melted the dark chocolate, I used the microwave on half power to melt chopped white chocolate. This was going to be a quick job of making bark and my gnome-sized microwave was up to the task.  After the chocolate had melted sufficiently (avoiding the tragedy known as burnt chocolate), I poured the dark chocolate on a parchment-lined cookie sheet and began to spread it around.  Then I threw down some almonds and went all Jackson Pollock with the white chocolate.  I must say, it’s a whole lot of fun doing art with chocolate…..I then took my bedazzled metal cake tester and swirled things around to create awesome patterns.   I then repeated it with Callebaut milk chocolate, which in my opinion is a tad too sweet to use with white chocolate.  It’s still tasty though!

Milk chocolate almond bark

Bag of dark chocolate almond bark nommys



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4 responses to “Recipe: almond bark sans measuring

  1. Looks delicious so hope some of that will make its way home.

  2. kookiemaster

    Question: How do you temper the chocolate? Or does it get eaten to quickly to matter 😛 ?

    • Rach

      lol! I honestly don’t do an expert job of tempering the chocolate and I don’t use a thermometer (which I know I should). I chop it into small pieces and then use a small saucepan on the stove over very low heat. I make sure to stir it frequently as this helps with the process. When almost completely melted I turn the heat either off or almost off and stir it completely to melt the rest. I chop the white chocolate as well but I put it in a bowl and microwave on 50% power for about 2-3 minutes, taking it out around half-way to check on it. I find stirring helpful too. If I was good at it, I’d do it properly with a double boiler but I must say I’m a lazy gal 🙂 Plus it takes away from Daisy’s massage time!

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