Bunny kitchen decor

My friends & family will not be the least bit surprised that I have an affinity for bunny kitchen items.  I’m “mom” to a fluffy bun named Daisy, who basically rules my life and considers my apartment to be all hers.  She also has taken to claiming ownership of my Repetto ballet flats (she’s a refined bunny with good taste!)

It started in Paris, where I found a covered bunny sugar dish for 1 euro (the cheapest thing in Paris!).  Then I found a bunny creamer in Dublin and the buns have gradually taken over my kitchen.  Recently, I discovered an adorable white ceramic bunny spoon and scoop at a beautiful shop called the Cross Design & Decor in Vancouver.  Its French-themed decor appeals to my inner Amelie 🙂  I’m just thankful Kitchen Aid hasn’t come out with a bunny-themed stand mixer!

Daisy, my bunny master


Bunny sugar & creamer from Europe


Bunny scoop & spoon from The Cross


The Cross Decor & Design is located at 1198 Homer Street in Vancouver.



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2 responses to “Bunny kitchen decor

  1. Ursula

    Nooooooo!!! Not the Repettos!

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