La Terrazza

The other night I went for dinner at an Italian restaurant in downtown Vancouver called La Terrazza.  The restaurant’s Italian-inspired interior was all decked out for the holidays and soft, dreamy lighting.  An added bonus – it was almost empty, most likely on account of it being a Sunday night.  

We started off sharing a trifecta of appetizers:  caesar salad, phyllo stuffed with portobello mushrooms and gnocchi with a chestnut emulsion.  The caesar salad was my least favourite, but it served as part of my larger “food cancellation theory” (salad cancels chocolate).  However, the phyllo was a nommy mushroom confection that made my tummy happy and the gnocchi was tender, bathed in a sweet sauce of chestnutty goodness….

Tasty mushroom stuffed phyllo


Gnocchi with sweet, nommy chestnut emulsion


 For my main course, I went with the seasonal cornish game hen, while my dining companions ordered duck and rack of lamb.  My cornish hen was quite lovely but not nearly as lovely as when my mom cooks them at home (I’ve just won big points with mom!)

Cornish game hen


Rack of lamb


Le Duck


My favourite part of the meal was dessert.  Called Torta D’Amore, my dessert was a supremely nommy, fresh out of the oven molten chocolate cake with vanilla gelato.  It was “eyes rolling in the back of my head” amazingly good 🙂  Luckily my dining companions resisted the urge to smack me when I made my happy food noises and did my happy arm movements.

Torta D'amore....j'adore!


La Terrazza is located at 1088 Cambie Street in Yaletown.


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