Boulangerie Cho-pain

On my way home from a killer pilates class, I decided to treat myself to some sugary goodness at the Boulangerie Cho-pain.  I’ve eaten things at Cho-pain before – nommy multigrain baguette and hazelnut gateau that wasn’t quite as nommy as I had hoped.  Since Cho-pain is a French bakery, a macaron was definitely in order.  I needed chocolate (almost as much as oxygen) so I also ordered a chocolate raspberry petit gateau.  

Gateau chocolat framboise and le macaron


I’d eaten many a macaron in Paris and this one sadly did not taste like those ones.  I’m not sure if the meringue shells were overcooked or if I had super old macarons.  In any event, the meringue was a major crunchy fiesta and lacked the requisite level of tenderness that a Parisian macaron should have.  However, the filling was nommy, so it was a partial success 🙂  

The chocolate raspberry petit gateau was a different story – it was a mini Sacher torte – a delectable raspberry jam extravaganza nestled between layers of chocolate cake and enrobed in luscious dark chocolate ganache goodness…..nom nom nom!!

Cho-pain is located at  1165 Davie Street in Vancouver, BC.


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