Stepho’s – Greek food for almost free

Stephos…..the myth…the legend…the lineups…Well, I finally went to Stepho’s on Davie Street in Vancouver.  After standing in line for what seemed like eternity at Versailles, I think it’s fairly safe to say that my line up quota for the year has now been reached.  This is why I went to Stepho’s on a Saturday afternoon with my family. No line up = food sooner = 🙂  

We ordered an assortment of nommy appetizers to start:  hummus, spanikopita and dolmades.  I stuffed my pie hole like there was an asteroid heading towards earth and we were all going to be goners….then came the main course – duoh!

Plate of hummus.....nom nom nom!


Spanikopita...practically a vegetable...


Neverending food....bbq chicken main course


As you can see from the photos, the portions aren’t exactly small and the prices apparently haven’t changed much since my brother was there around 20 years ago.  For enough food to induce a coma and a cost that is almost free, give Stepho’s a try.  To avoid potential cannibalism of those in line, do not go on a weekend in the evening – or else get take out!


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