Marimekko pillows

This is not a food post, unless you like eating pillows – in which case, what condiments do you recommend with them? 🙂  

I am in the process of attempting to decorate my gnome-sized apartment and decided I needed a pop of colour.  I’m in love with all decor things Nordic, particularly after my visit to Stockholm.  Vancouver is home to the lovely Finnish Marimekko store and let’s just say it was a festival of colourific goodness!  I needed throw pillows and sadly I don’t know how to sew (do staple guns count?) and Designers Guild fabrics are not almost free.

These are the pillows I ended up with.  I seem to be the only one who actually likes them. My mom couldn’t even lie to me and tell me they were nice (isn’t that her job??) The colours are bright (they look orange in the photo but are actually bright pink) and most importantly, they match Hello Kitty’s outfit 🙂  

Happy Friday everyone!


Hideous or not? You be the judge....

Mine....all mine! Plus it matches my outfit...







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9 responses to “Marimekko pillows

  1. Michele

    I like them but then I own a raincoat which would match nicely so perhaps I’m not the best judge!

  2. Michele

    And the munchkins would LOVE them.

  3. ST

    If you got them for Hello Kitty, I think they’re perfect. 🙂 I am partial to your blouse though … not that I’m suggesting you make a cushion out of it. 😉

  4. They look better on your web sight and they really are pink. The photo you sent made them look 70’s orange so that should explain the lack of excitement. I now recant and they are funky cool.

  5. Michele

    I have a question about that throw.

    Why would the manufacturer put the labels on the same side as the pretty buttons and bows?

    Poor design.

    • Rach

      One of the labels is actually a note that says “Have a Lovely Day Sweetie” but agreed they didn’t need to put the other labels on the same side as the pretties.

      I bought the throw in Dublin at a place called Avoca. It’s like anthropologie but with food 🙂

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